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Buying or Selling Your Dental Practice? We’ll Guide You Through the Process

Objective, Unbiased Guidance

Understand What A Practice is Worth

Get Fair Value When You Buy or Sell!


The purchase or sale of your dental practice is an event that will have a significant impact on the rest of your life.


If you’re selling, it’s important to get maximum value for the practice you’ve built.


If you’re buying, it’s important that you don’t overpay.

Whether you are buying or selling a practice, it’s very important that you understand how to properly value a dental practice. The dental industry is unique, and therefore valuing a dental practice is different than valuing businesses in other industries.

Unfortunately, it can be very hard to find objective advice during this process. Dental brokers typically work on commission, which means that they have financial “skin in the game” and therefore may not be able to provide an objective third-party opinion.

We’ve seen both buyers and sellers lose during this process because they did not have access to an unbiased valuation. The consequences can be painful. The allocation of the purchase/sales price has significant consequences for buyers and sellers.

We’ve seen buyers struggle with debt because they drastically overpaid for their practice.

And we’ve seen sellers barely scraping by in retirement because they sold their practice for much less than it was actually worth.

Here’s how Our Process works:


We meet with you in person to figure out the scope of the project – some dentists need a thorough written report, while others simply need a second opinion. We can help in both scenarios!


We gather the necessary financial information and perform our analysis.


We meet with you and make sure you understand the value of your practice!

Whether you’re buying or selling your dental practice, it’s important that you know how much the practice is worth.

Contact us today to obtain an objective, accurate valuation.